Friday, September 2, 2011

The Return

I feel a little self indulgent, writing about writing. Which is strange. I'd think that writing about one's self would be the more self indulgent activity. But, as that is the nature of most blogs...

I was digging through some dust covered boxes trying to get my hands on two old pieces that I wrote, in notebooks I'd retired years ago. As I brushed through cover after cover looking through at the things I'd done and read, It felt like being in a room with good friends, and trusted advisors. With the occasional, odd/ risque acquaintance thrown in, for balance sake.When I uncovered the notebook I sought, I remembered it all, even the place I was sitting, and what I was wearing when I wrote the particular piece. Then...
  Just like the notebooks, I thought about all of the special friends, brilliant advisors and crazy acquaintances which I've had over the years. Some of whom I am, miraculously, able to keep contact with. Others, however, only rarely return to my life. And many, are just the "misty water-coloured memories, of the way we were."
  I want to say thank you, whichever you are. The person you see before you, for better, for worse, was made possible in part by you. I hope I was able to positively contribute to who you are, as well. And I'm sorry to those with whom I have lost touch.
  If you're inclined, let's catch up. There's always time for tea