Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Buzz Is Wearing Off...

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I'll be brief. I kinda have to. Amp by Mountain Dew (That was totally going to link to Amp site, but it's actually full of guys that kinda look like tools...don't say I didn't warn you) is right next to tea on my list of things I like drinking. And...I haven't had one in about a week. I decided that drinking 32oz a.k.a. 4 servings a.k.a. 2 cans a.k.a. TWO HUNDRED & NINETY-SIX milligrams of caffeine per day, wasn't my best allocation of time, money, or an immune system. If I drank these things in lieu of coffee or my beloved tea, that would be, maybe, acceptable...I don't. In between cans of Amp, I throw back tea like it's my duty on this planet. And if I'm at an event with coffee...sigh...Black, two sugars.
  So, I toned down the Amp. Actually, I got a cold and stopped completely. The cold is gone but I decided to take a break from pure energy. And it totally sucks. I twitch every time I stop in a gas station. I have to go into the stores with a game plan to avoid the entire rack of energy drinks. I actually spend time thinking about not drinking it.

   It's not going to last, however, 'cause the whole reason I started drinking energy drinks was to focus. Sounds crazy, right? But,  caffeine has a proud history as performance enhancing drug. Turbo studiers with MCATs, LSATs, GREs, even the SATs have high school kids popping Adderall for that college admissions boost (this is not an endorsement). So, yeah my little ADHD diagnosed brain needs somethin' to go on. I've used Amp as my focus tool, off and on, since (and I'm not joking) Bible Quizzing tournaments as a kid. I just do better work when I'm juiced up. And when I have no caffeine I notice a serious tappering in my work.  This post alone has taken me two three games of Zoikz Defender, like 10 hands of facebook poker, a Twitter conversation, a clothes change and about 7 episodes of How I Met Your Mother: Season 2 (seriously, a funny show). This should have been a half can, half hour post. Even though I didn't cry, I felt a little like my friend, who teared up at the sight of bread after a long stretch. I think I'm due to fall off the wagon tomorrow. I'll never finish a book on apple cider alone.

Thank you, and enjoy your vice. And tune in Wednesday for your regularly scheduled caffeine assisted blog posting.