Friday, September 2, 2011

Alone Together

This is the first of a few retro posts. One of the scrawlings of Morris from the re discovered, notebooks. I hope you enjoy.   

   As they sat, eyes fixed on their matching his & hers ipod covers, ear buds dangling into their laps, they glanced up occasionally, briefly taking in snatches of the outside and of each other.

    Brow furrowed, his eyes rarely left his music player, turned digital organizer. Not looking up as he sips from his coffee cup, his work is his only aim.
    Legs crossed, foot waving, her glances are frequent and erratic, looking for interest, and to be interesting. She is amused to see the twenty something near the window scratching away at his pad. She wonders what he's writing about, She smiles to herself, as she wonders if he knows how much there is to learn, that he can't possibly know, yet.