Thursday, October 31, 2013

My Letter to Mike Birbiglia (Updated)

Ladies and Gentlemen,
  The good news is that Mike (or at least his brother Joe) has seen some of the stuff I've written and posted in my quest to secure him as the writer of my book forward.

  The bad news is, he has declined my request. Thank you all for your support. my "Letter to Mike Birbiglia" got a good number of page views in almost no time.

  Please continue to check out my Kickstarter Campaign and share that love.


I'm reaching out to one of my heroes, Mike Birbiglia. Finishing up my book, I'm trying to get him to write the forward. It's a reach, but it would be the highlight of my career. So, to my entire audience, knowing that my book will be just the thing to make you laugh when your complicated relationship becomes even more complicated, please tweet @birbigs or +Mike Birbigs about my project, and I will collectively deem you the greatest audience... NAY... the best team... NAY! NAY!... the best friends @MoTheThird has ever had.

Dear Mike Birbiglia,

As Batman, I beat up bad guys and ran away from girls. I had a twenty-six word "birds and bees" talk with my dad. And I tried to teach myself Sex Education by reading out of the 1992 World Book Encyclopedia. I'm a humor writer and bit of a Birbiglophile (in the least sleazy way possible). I own Two Drink Mike, Sleepwalk With Me, and What I Should Have Said Was Nothing. I've actually seen you live twice, as well. I saw My Girlfriend's Boyfriend at The Warner Theater in DC, and Sleepwalk With Me in Indy. I've turned many of my friends into fans of your whimsical storytelling. I enjoy supporting your work, 'cause I'd hate for you to be asleep at a job somewhere.
You actually inspired me on my quest to be a storyteller who makes people laugh. I wrote a book called Romancing the Hilarity. I'm running a Kickstarter Campaign to self-publish and do an off-kilter book tour in January. If you would consider writing the forward to my book, I would be indescribably grateful.
Check out my project, and if you're interested in writing a forward for it, I would be ecstatic.
Thanks for your work, Morris DuBose v.3.0 @MoTheThird
P.S. Are you still on a quest to overtake The Avengers in box office sales?