Saturday, September 3, 2011

What light ...

So, I don't  write a ton of poetry. A lot of times my deep love of music and about ten years worth of lessons creeps into my writing and what I end up with is a poem. They are fun...I think...And a neat way to play with one's own emotions. I'm a flirt. It's a part of me as much as anything else. This was just something I was thinking after a day of incessant flirting. Enjoy.

To Be Adored

I am bent to your will.
Do with me as you wish.
You are many,
Over me, yet, all you hold sway.

You are Tall. yet also are you short.
You are thin. Yet also are you sturdy with fullness.
You are the passionate fighter, and lover of peace.
You speak in shouts and whispers.

In all your forms, I love you.
  I am powerless against your approaches.
    I yield to you.
      You are Woman.