Friday, September 16, 2011

Tarts and Vicars

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One of my personal favorite areas of study is gender relations. I've read books about guys and girls since the 5th grade. My scholarly go tos are Drs. Steve Duck and Deborah Tannen. For slightly more accessable writings I turn to the husband and wife couple Barbara and Alan Pease, co-authors of two of my favorite books, Why Men Don't Listen, and Women Can't Read Maps & Why Men Don't Have a Clue and Women Always Need More Shoes, if I haven't recommended these books to you before, consider this my official recommendation. Nevertheless, this fun little Facebook conversation was a hilarious treatment of Mars & Venus (reprinted with permission). 

I won't editorialize too much. 
I did enough at the time.

BOLD Italics= Venus
Bold        = Mars

Tried to cut my finger off while slicing a bagel... it hurts... a lot.

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    • ML: How was your finger even involved in the bagel cutting process? Also, just buy presliced bagels, they have the technology nowadays.
    • JS: r u ok sweetheart?? did u need stitches? 

    • Morris DuBose I'm glad you didn't succeed in cutting your finger off. You've always seemed so attached to it. I hope it feels better soon.

      (Fun Side note) The two comments above represent the epitome of a gendered responses to situational stimuli. Matt, the only more "guy" response you could have had is, "Rub some dirt on it."

      SGG: Update from loving mother: Took the bandage off her wounded digit this morning and baby girl hit the floor!! BOOM! Out like a light!

    • ML: Morris: wrong, I could have said "that finger will forever be weakened, might as well just finish the job".

    • Morris DuBose Suzanne- Did she faint for real?
      M- You're absolutely right. Touche, my man. Touche.

    • SG: Morris: Thank you, I am actually quite attached to it! And since I'm a girl I'm pretty good at reading subtext. What he really said was, "You're so brave... I would have cried."
      AT: Geeze, Matt, sometimes you are a douchebag. Show some empathy, man!
      Stephanie, so glad you are able to keep your finger!!
    • ML: I was going to quote from the Boy Scout Handbook, but I couldn't find mine, so I'll just say it: when using a knife, always cut AWAY from yourself. But don't worry, sometimes I forget this too. In fact, it may have actually been on a bagel but it was a butter knife so the damage was limited.
      Sorry, I didn't realize it was so bad. I had talked to her earlier and she didn't sound too freaked out about it. Feel better! 
      ML: Oh, and the clear solution to all this is to just get a dozen bagels from Panera. You get more delicious bagels and they come pre-sliced! 
      HH: OUCHY!!!

       Thanks for tuning in to the hilarity of Boys, Girls, and everyday conversation. 
      Now it's your turn. Tell me your story of Gents and Ladies. I'm all...eyes.