Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going To the Birds.

Everytime I start writing regularly, I'm reminded of how much I love it. I'll take one single sentance and turn it over and over. As I shape and re-shape a bit of text, I feel like, I imagine, a potter feels. With the amorphus lump of an idea sitting before her, she must apply pressure, create the boundaries, and put the heat on, to transform the lump of though into a reflection or insight worth putting on the mantle.  Despite her best intentions, however, some thoughts never make it off the wheel. And, when she finishes others, she realizes that it's not quite what she's hoped, >>crash<

That wasn't the direction this post was heading. Sorry to all you English teachers out there, this won't transition smoothly.

Speaking of pottery...I got a Twitter account. I hear the groans, and can see your rolled eyes from here. But, here's the thing: I just read this amazing book, 33 Million People In the Room, by Juliette Powell, discussing the value of a good online presence in the future of marketing. That's a bit of a generalization, but a launch point for the curious. Nevertheless reading it offered something of a revelation. If it is at all possible to turn my writing into something more that what I do for fun, and make it, for fun and profit, I'd be staggered with joy and a fool not to...I think . So, I'm offering bite sized pieces of my rapier wit and powers of observation for all the world through the little blue bird @MoTheThird.And while I'm working on expanding my horizion, I'd love your feedback on the blog thus far. What do I do well? What could I do better? What would you like to see me research and/or write about? I'd also love your endorsement. I set a goal of 100+ followers by the end of the year. It's a little lofty, but you've always rewarded me for writing, by reading and commenting. I am, thus, optimistic.
 That being said, if you tweet, send me your info. 
As for mine, take a gander if you're into that sort of thing? 
And if not, that's okay, too.
We'll always have The Gray Area