Saturday, March 28, 2009


Some days I feel like Family Guy's Peter Griffin going on about what really grinds his gears. Other days I feel like the world is a, if not just then at least, decent place. Most days I live on a wave optmistic, pessimestic and everything in between. So why blog? In part because I love observation. Watching people and seeing the universe unfold around me inspires me to share. More than that though I blog because I love to write.

When I was younger, when my friends wanted to be doctors, lawyers, fire, fighters, etc. I...I wanted to have an advice column. I didn't even think I was that smart; I just loved the idea of helping people and writing at the same time. I was pretty good at research and had some connections to people much smarter and better connected than I. So in some ways this is a small realization of a childhood dream to offer the world the small benefit of my perception, and in return, get some good writing practice.