Monday, August 8, 2011


I actually wrote this in march in a notebook. I just read it today and thought it wasn't bad.

I want to be in a couple. Most days, I'd like for it to be romantic. But some days it needn't be.

Sitting in a cafe absorbed in a book. I glance up, and out of the window and see a bright red cardinal, standing in stark contrast to the heavily clouded evening's pseudo-light, staring in the window at me. "Come see! Come see!" I wanted to shout to someone...Anyone. But the older man and the younger woman were totally engaged in their coffee. The young man behind me is on life support (read: computer) and the barista is too far away.
The cardinal tires of his perch, and of staring at me, and flutters off to his next engagement. Maybe, home to tell his family about the lonely human from the coffee shop.