Friday, August 12, 2011


Have you ever,
All at once,
Been overwhelmed
With the vastness
Of Life?

Of one though
Leading to
Another. One
Thought explodes

Into twenty thoughts
Like a firework of the mind.

Leaving you enthralled
In the action.
In the overload

And you
To hold one insight
to the thought's fruition.
But, the toil is vain

And as you resign,
Settling back
Into the shadows
Of the firework's
Faded Light

You are grateful
For the fractional glimpse
Into a complex order
Beyond your grasp.

You hope that
the order is good.
And that your life
Is lived
For the good of the order.

That totally happened sitting in Starbucks. This was supposed to be a text message. It just sort of spiraled out of control. I hope you enjoyed it.