Friday, June 10, 2011

A Post Post

I was asked to be specific with the term, "Post christian." Which I guess is fair, considering my background, and the people who would see my stuff. For other curious among you, sorry for taking so long to get this out.

It is, what I am. A person who, having been raised in the trappings of the church, has a profoundly hard time seeing where the church and God meet. Watching a body of people that, on it's best day, antagonizes a world that lives the way that it thinks is right. On a bad day it turns violently upon itself levying horrible charges against those who, under the same flag, worship the same God, in a different way. Yet I read about a man who dined with his betrayer.

I watch power jockeying, bitter resentment, and outright rejection. People use their faith as a vehicle to gain wealth and world power. Using God to justify violence. And using God to justify indifference. The church creates people too powerful to need God. Who would rather legislate morality, than use the servant love to change lives and hearts.

But I read about a Christ, who gave up being clean, so he could be right. Who did not raise a hand to save his life. Who washed feet. WASHED FEET!!! Seriously, who does that? Who kept the party going, 'cause his mom asked him to. Who said, if you love God, and you love people, the rest will sort itself out.

I do not use the term post christian, to in any way demean those people trying to understand God, and our part in this divine story. As a good friend of mine was fond of saying, “I love me some Jesus.” But very rarely have I gone into a church and thought, “Wow, this must be what God had in mind.” I usually think about how church shouldn't be so early, or how people shouldn't look like they're cringing when they were trying to smile... Or that Jesus wouldn't be here either.