Sunday, February 26, 2012

Through Sickness Into Health

I can be cocky at times. Not for the most part mind you. Not about everything. But, I think that knowing that you’re good, is just as big a part of being self aware as knowing where you leave major room for improvement. And, knowledge without action is a lot like a rocking chair. It’s fun to have, but it doesn’t really get you anywhere. And I like going places.

I’m good at a fair number of things, awesome at others. I’m good at singing. I’m awesome at quoting movies. Euchre is on the line. Two things I’m awesome at are pulling “all-nighters” and the recovery of my own health. Today, I was exceptionally tired, and when I went to grab a short nap, I realized that I was achy. Tired, and achy? Two good indicators of illness’s onset.  It’s only fair, my girlfriend was in the midst of a rather lengthy battle with the flu, plus (perhaps), some seasonal interference.

So, I’ve been saying all day, and to anyone who knew I was sick, how great I am at recovery. So, I figure it’s only fair that I demonstrate that odd skill. My G/F has been sick for a few hours short of a week. I’ve claimed that I’ll be back in working order in 48hours- 72tops. So, what say, we track my progress.

MoTheThird vs. The Flu

Day One

Emergen-C: Immune Plus
Bolthouse Farms: C-Boost
One bottle Vicks NyQuil: Cold and Flu
One bottle DayQuil
Raw Baby Spinach

  James Bond (the Daniel Craig ones)
  Life (Starring Damien Lewis)

Game on

Feeling achy and otherwise listless, I sucked down a little DayQuil, to finish my obligations and worked on a C-Boost (not a big fan of mango, but it has a proven track record, so bottoms up) during lunch. Back at home, I set up shop. Almonds, water, Emergen-C, and NyQuil, all went down in round one. I popped in Casino Royale and slept through the better part of it. I caught the parkour chase, and the big tournament finish, and the gun battle at the end. I also had the misfortune of being awake for the torture scene. But, mostly I just watched the inside of my eyelids.

Round two is about to start. Another dose of NyQuil, another C-Boost, a massive glass of water, a good sized fistful of almonds, The Quantum of Solace, and good dose of baby spinach, and I should be eyelid watching once more.  If not, Detective Crews will usher me back to sleep.

Catch you in the a.m.

P.S. This movie was awesome...I think.
I was a kid when I saw it.