Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Through Sickness Into Health (Part 2)

MoTheThird vs. The Flu

To those people curious about the state of my recovery from the flu, etc. with which my girlfriend has been plagued now for ten days. I would characterize myself as being at about 75-80% of normal functionality. A noticeable deviation, but one which, I don't imagine will last much longer. Through a regiment of three to four Emergen-C: Immune Plus packets per day, many handfuls  of almonds, spinach, and Honey Nut Quaker Oatmeal Squares, about a gallon of water, two blankets, a heater, 007, Life (the TV show), Day and NyQuil, and unshakable confidence,plus one Amp and five cups of coffee to make it through a long day yesterday. I'm at the door of health. If I thought the system was foolproof or even universally applicable, I would share the minutiae. And perhaps someday, I'll prove it to be awesome and transferable. But since, most people don't have the latitude to spend a day or so in my intense recovery model, it doesn't really matter anyway.