Friday, October 7, 2011

Wait!..It's my birthday?

Throughout high school, I was highly involved. Student council, speech, on the list went. But most of my involvement was in the arts. I was president of the choir and in all the theatre productions, spending more time in rehearsals after school, than I did at home...or at least, it felt that way.
   My dedication to the stage rarely flagged. So, the fact that my birthday occured during tech week of our biggest show every year, meant that, in terms of celebrating my existence, the days and even weeks surrounding my birthday were uninspiring...every single year of high school.
   My senior year shaped up no differently. Landing the starring role in Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma meant that most of October revolved around the stage in one way or another preparing for the first week of November's opening.
   Failing to note my own birthday is not new or unusual for me. Once, my PDA went off in church to remind me of my birthday...much to my surprise. This year, like many others, despite the reminders at home on the morning of, before mid-day it was another say full of things to do, teachers to appease, lines to run, and scenes to perfect. My birth seemed to be the least noteworthy thing about it.
   Four hour long rehearsals can really take their toll on you. And when the director called a "five," ordering us off the stage and to the choir room, for a stage sweep, it came as a much needed reprieve. We shuffled along to the hallway and into the room...
   Where my parents and a few good friends had brought in a huge cake. And the rousing sound of "Happy Birthday," performed by the cast and crew of the of the musical brought an unquentiable smile to my face.
   The "Five" was extended to a ten. But then it was back to the stage for the rest of the night. And even though my entire party was shorter than a sitcom episode, it was my best birthday since my third.

...which is another story.