Thursday, May 3, 2012

May I Present...

So, my friend Tessa who was proposed to in a park and brilliantly immortalized on canvas, got married this past Saturday. The wedding was beautiful...AND...
The couple asked me to DJ the reception!

The closest I'd ever come to a DJ-ing gig was ten minutes of track picking for the students at CTY where I worked, the year after undergrad.
This, however, was way better, and a lot more intimidating. When I'd finished collecting possible tunes for the special day, 9 days worth of music had been amassed. And, even though there were a few points of hesitation, the bride and groom seemed pleased with my performance. And toward the end of the night, a guest of the wedding came to me and said, I was the best DJ/ MC she'd heard, and, "If I wasn't already married, I'd have you DJ my wedding." She went on to say, if her husband died, she knew who she'd call for round two.
I was flattered... A little creeped out... But flattered.