Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Dinner...ish

I had every intention of writing another scathing rebuke against Christmas tonight, but then today happened. 
I work two days a week at a restaurant (Thank you, student loans). I largely regard the job with ambivalence.  On the one hand, "foodies" and all manner of shockingly entitled restaurant patrons can leave servers in doubt as to even basic human empathy. But, by contrast, there are incredible shows of deep human connection occurring every day in restaurants all over. From celebrations, to just generally happy people, the microcosm of  food service is quite interesting. And today it was inspirational.

A middle-aged couple finished up dinner, and as I presented their check, they stopped me.
Discreetly indicating an older couple across the aisle, my guests told me that they wanted to pick up the tab for their dinner as well. It was a little amazing. But it gets better. It's not the first time I've had tables pick up tabs for each other: business people for clients, old friends and other connected persons. The magic was that, as far as I can tell, there was no connection between these two couples. I coordinated with the other server, closed the two checks, and watched as the paying couple vanished into the evening like a pair of cobbler's elves, without saying even a word to the beneficiaries of their generosity. "I'm just flabbergasted," the old man told his server when he heard of their good fortune.

The couple left us with a thirty percent tip and a great story which I shared with nearly the entire staff.

"It's a Christmas miracle!" one of my co-workers asserted...

So I guess MoTheThird vs. Christmas (Round Three) goes to Christmas as well. 

I'll get you next time time...

Photo Credit: Ryan Jacobs