Saturday, April 24, 2010

If It's a Joke, I Don't Get It

I saw a sign today that warned people, "Heavy traffic. Avoid delays. Use metro." Either there is a secret metro that I don't know about, that sign is woefully misleading, and/or the malicious creator of the sign needed to get in another set of digs to his or her hapless victims.

I love the metro more than most people I've encountered. I leave early, 'cause I know that they're likely "experiencing delays." To this day, I get excited when the train comes out of the tunnel crossing the river into, or on my way from VA. If I have the time, I'll take a few buses to my destination in order to get the view from the ground in the district I call home.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is this:
If you live in the District, and you have a good experience "within the metro system," commend them on their website. It takes about five minutes and hurts less than giving blood. For extra credit, write a brief letter to the editor of any small DC based periodical.

If you are outside of the District, take the most praiseworthy aspect of something that often raises your ire, and publicly commend it. Most company websites have an entire segment dedicated to consumer feedback.

Once you do that, post a comment. Tell me what happened, and the method of commendation. Invite one or two friends to play along, and add their comments to the mix. Have a great week. And give one to someone else, too.