Monday, November 25, 2013

Do it for the Laughs

OK You! Yes, you! right there with the computer (or mobile device). I need you like I have never needed anyone before (unless you're my mom). I need you to find it in your heart and your wallet to pledge $5 to my amazing book project (Romancing the Hilarity). 

I have 52 hours left to make my goal or I am all the way back to square one. And, while I know you've enjoyed the attention, is that really what you want. If you can't find those elusive five dollars, can you spare a "Share."

Only 680 people need to

Go to 

Search: Romancing the Hilarity

And be amazed (or at least amused).

Enough to pledge less than a gourmet espresso-based drink.

Let's do it!

To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree.