Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reality Strikes Again

I look young. If I've shaved at all in a given week, I'm going to get carded at any 21+ establishment... And, sometimes, at 18+ ones. People guess me at 5-10 years less my age, which is quite the flattery. Nearing thirty, I'm beginning to think of myself as approaching adulthood. But, as a college student suffering all the illusions of immortality, I often thought of myself as a child, with all the trappings thereof. The day my friend brought me to her library of her youth, while we were on spring break of my junior year, we strolled into the children’s department. Three kids were running about playing merrily. The immediate sense of bonding was shattered when the older looking boy glanced up from their distraction, looked right into my eyes, and shouted, “GROWN UPS!!”

That’ll dispel your illusions of eternal youth.