Thursday, August 29, 2013


I try very hard to make my interactions with other people, positive. I like others to be happy that we crossed paths. This is especially true with people who are stuck at work whilst I roam free.

So, when I walked up to the very bored looking young woman behind the register at the office supply store, we chatted. We had a brief pleasant series of exchanges, but when I attempted to sign up for their email list, she discovered, and informed me, that the period key on the keyboard was broken. We laughed and mused that even on a boring day, everything doesn't go off without a hitch. Opting out of the list, I finished checking out, and commented as I turned to leave, "Good luck with your period... Wait!... I..." The compounded agony of my faux pas was the realization that a woman and her daughter had stepped in line behind me. Making, manic eye contact with the woman in line, I blurted out, "Not period. Just the dot key on her keyboard." And ran out of the store. At least she doesn't have my email address.