Sunday, November 27, 2011

Better Boyfriend 101 (Cont'd)

The MoTheThird School of Love is back in session. 
It's our privilege, class, to have a guest lecture and case study of sorts. Today we’ll feature the story of a young man who pays attention like very few men I’ve ever known. In this one story, he successfully incorporated elements I, II, III, and X, from our first class, which was a basic primer for Boyfriends who wish to take a step toward exceptional. And I’m sure that if I had included an VIII on my original list, he would have done that one too.

My dear friend Tess, an art teacher with whom I went to school, has been seeing Brandon, a nice enough young man (even though they’re never really good enough for your “dear friends”), for something like three years. Living in the hills of central Pennsylvania (a redundancy I know), they were prone to picturesque walks. On one such walk, along a trail, Tess sees another classmate of ours Greg, a fellow artist, “What a crazy coincidence,” she asserts.
“Not at all,” Brandon replied. “I asked Greg here, to paint a portrait of us in the park.”

So, they set up in a cute little hand holding pose, and Greg gets to work sketch, sketch, sketch, paint, paint, paint. Bam! Done. He turns the painting around for the subjects to admire.
“Wow, this is incredible. Brandon, this was so thoughtful. Wait…I don’t have a ring?” Greg takes the painting. And Brandon takes a knee, and asks Tess to be his… forever.

O.K. Just maybe, he’s good enough for my dear friend.
I’d say that he understands that God is in the details.
Do you?

Homework? Tell me your story.
Class Dismissed!
 Photo by: Ashley-Danielle